Subject: Gorgeous(!) Pink Lacewing(?)
Location: Goose Creek, SC, USA
August 11, 2012 5:56 pm
This beautiful creature flew into my shed and hung out with us for several hours. After I rescued her(?) from being stuck to the back of the fan she rewarded me by posing for a few shots. My neighbor says she’s a damselfly. I am thinking lacewing. But PINK? She was so shiny and reflective. Is she a mutant? Thanks for your help. Last I saw, she was chilling on the velvet Last Supper painting. She can stay as long as she likes.
Signature: Kerry Bateman

Antlion: Glenurus gratus

Hi Kerry,
This is actually an Antlion and they are closely related to Lacewings as both are in the insect order Neuroptera.  Your Antlion is
Glenurus gratus, but sadly it has no common name.  “Gratus” does mean pleasing in Latin according to BugGuide.

Location: South Carolina

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