Subject: What kind of bug is this
Location: LA California
September 17, 2016 7:23 pm
What kind of bug is this. Me and my friends keep disputing whether it is a dragonfly or not my mother passed away on Sunday Monday at 1 AM and there was this insect flying around at my window pain and I’m just curious what kind
Signature: The truth


Dear The truth,
This is an Antlion, and it is more closely related to Neuropterans like Lacewings and Owlflies than it is to Dragonflies, which belong to a distinctly different insect order.  Many Antlion Larvae, which are commonly called Doodlebugs, live with only their mandibles exposed at the bottom of a small pit they excavate, awaiting Ants and other insects to fall into their waiting jaws.  We just posted several images of Bee Flies from Los Angeles that parasitize the pupae of Antlions.  We don’t see many Antlions, but we do see Bee Flies, leading us to believe our Antlion population is being kept in check by the Bee Flies.  Your Antlion may be
Vella fallax based on this and other BugGuide images.

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