Subject: Beautiful dragonfly
Location: Goodlettesville, TN
July 22, 2012 8:42 pm
Hello! As a lover of bugs and insects, I have found your site quite the helpful resource. I searched through about 15 pages of dragonflies tonight hoping to spot an example of this beauty I spotted on my aunt’s porch a little bit north of Nashville, TN about 2 weeks ago. It is beautiful but I am unable to identify it. I hope that this is a new bug for your site, and I also hope that you know what it is! Thanks!
Signature: Shannon

Antlion: Glenurus gratus

Hi Shannon,
We hope that perusing our Dragonfly pages was not a complete waste of time even though you were searching through the wrong insect order.  This gorgeous Antion,
Glenurus gratus, is actually classified as a Neuropteran along with Lacewings and Owlflies.

Location: Tennessee

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