Antlion in Austin
Location: Austin, Texas
June 20, 2011 3:49 pm
Hi Bugman!
You’ve answered my questions in the past, and it was so easy to find what this little guy was with just a few clicks on your site. My 9-yr-old was just SURE we had discovered a new specimen of bug, and insisted I take a pic as we hurried out the door to school. I’ll submit the pic, just in case you think it is worthy of posting…but he’s a pretty bland-colored guy. Maybe of the ”non-fancy” genus? 🙂
Signature: Courtney Cavness


Hi Courtney,
We are thrilled to post your photo of an Antlion which we find to be anything but bland, and we are also thrilled to hear that you were able to self identify it so easily.

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    • Yes, we need to find a way to better publicize that feature which thrills us to no end as we like the photos to be as large as possible, however, larger images makes for a page that takes much longer to load. We try to be sensitive to our readers who still have dial-up internet access.


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