Antheraea yamamai from Bosnia

Subject: Moth 2
Location: Brgule, 5-7 km NW Tuzla, Bosnia i Hercegovina
March 12, 2013 4:53 pm
Here is another one that I can’t find on internet. Please help!
It is scanned from a photo and the photo was taken summer 1996.
Signature: Kristian

Antheraea yamamai
Antheraea yamamai

Hi again Kristian,
You are keeping us busy, and your identifications are sure more fun than the constant stream of Carpet Beetles we have been identifying of late.  This beautiful Giant Silkworm is
Antheraea yamamai, and it is a highly variable species.  According to The World’s Largest Saturniidae Site:  “The Antheraea yamamai moth (Wingspan 110–152mm) shows great colour variation from the sandy-yellow of the female illustrated above through brownish-grey, chocolate-brown, bronze, reddish-brown, khaki to chromium-yellow. The last colour form, which comes with red and pale pink markings, is rare in females.”

This was really good news and interesting reading. I remember that we had a lot of really big khaki-colored (probably males), that was attracted to the spotlights in the beginning of the summer. When I found this one, much later that summer, I was a little bit surprised that it was much smaller and so bright yellow, that I wondered if it was an other species. I also remember that I was a little bit disappointed because I wanted to take a picture of one of those really large ones. But now I just want to go back and get better photos of these amazing moths.
Thanks a lot!!

Hi again Kristian,
The moth in your photo is a male based on the antennae.  Also, the chrome yellow form is reportedly rare with females according to the World’s Largest Saturniidae Site.  With Giant Silkmoths, the females are often the larger of the sexes.

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