Subject:  Beautiful beetle
Geographic location of the bug:  Central Ohio
Date: 05/07/2019
Time: 07:09 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Found this gorgeous beetle on my arm.  May 7th 2019.  In a lightly wooded area with nearby stream. At first I thought it was an ant, but the antenna look like a beetle.  The texture of the abdomen is like a blister beetle.
How you want your letter signed:  Jennifer Huffman

Ant Mimic Longhorn Borer Beetle

Dear Jennifer,
We were impressed with how much this Longhorned Borer Beetle in the family Cerambycidae resembled an Ant, so we researched that and located this image of
Cyrtophorus verrucosus on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide:  “Ant mimic. Distinctive markings, and note also knobs at base of pronotum” and “Adults take nectar and/or pollen on spring-flowering trees and shrubs.  Larvae feed on a wide variety of hardwoods, including Acer, Betula, Carya, Castanea, Cercis, Cornus, Fagus, Quercus, Ulmus, & Pinus.

Ant Mimic Longhorned Borer Beetle

Wow super cool!   I won’t tell you how many long horned beetles I looked at late last night trying in vain to find something like this.  Too bad I couldn’t get better pictures, maybe I should have chilled him too!
Thanks so much for the fascinating info and for saving my sanity.

Hi Jennifer,
BugGuide does indicate:  “A remarkable ant mimic, this species runs like an ant.”

Location: Ohio

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