what are these bugs? huge mass of them
Found it on a few leaves. My first thought was that those were all baby ants or something but in the photo once enlarged on screen, they don’t look like ants. The bigger ants next to the "mass" weren’t attacking it or anything just sitting there looking at it without moving.-
Greg Dunbar

Hi Greg,
Aphids are the bane to a gardener’s existance as they are injurious to plants. They suck the juices from the plants and proliferate rapidly. Aphids are sometimes called Ant Cows since they have a symbiotic relationship with ant. The Aphids exude a sticky “honeydew” from their anus and the ants just love it. Ants are known to “herd” the Aphids by moving them to other non-infested plants to provide a fresh food supply when the original plant begins to wither and weaken.

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