Another Toe-biter from Canada

What kind of BEETLE is this???
Location:  New Brunswick, Canada
September 30, 2010 7:26 am
This BEETLE was found behind a Military Building at BASE GAGETOWN in New Brunswick, Canada. No one could indentify this fellow, except to say that it may be a Beetle from the STAG Family?? Can you help us identify our ”little” Friend?? He only stayed long enough for me to get his picture, then he was off to the races…
Signature:  Terry


Hi Terry,
Identification requests for Toe-Biters or Giant Water Bugs are pouring in from Canada.  Conditions must be right for flight as these aquatic insects spend most of their time under water hunting for prey.  Because they are attracted to lights, they are also known as Electric Light Bugs.

3 thoughts on “Another Toe-biter from Canada”

  1. I go out almost every night here in Ohio to see what bugs are attracted to our backyard floodlight. I noticed that large moths and insects come most often when its overcast or close to a new moon. Must be pretty confusing when they come across parking lot lights.

  2. We were visting my inlaws in Comanche texas when we heard it hit the window. We went to investigate and found him on the screen upon further investagaing he got aggressive so we left him alone I had never seen this kind of bug.

  3. I’ve got 3 so far this past WK I like to call/describe them as a eye fluid sucking mutant because of it’s long articulating front legs they look like there designed to grab an eyeball lm hoping to keep a few on their toes with this for a while! By the way it wasn’t hard to convince them when the bug was opening the lid of the container I had it in with weight on top, incredible strength and agility I’ll be sending live photos thnx. TAZ Matsqui B.C Canada


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