Another Ten Lined June Beetle in Mount Washington

Subject:  Look at who died on my terrace
Geographic location of the bug:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
Date: 06/22/2018
Time: 03:03 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman: It’s so beautiful I took a pretty shawl to show him off.
How you want your letter signed:  Monique

Ten LIned June Beetle

Good Morning Monique,
This is a Ten Lined June Beetle,
Polyphylla decemlineata, and Daniel spotted one about two weeks ago on his screen door.  Though quite common at higher elevations in Pasadena and La Cañada, Daniel did not make a Mount Washington sighting of a Ten Lined June Beetle until 2015 and he has seen them yearly ever since.  According to Charles Hogue in Insects of the Los Angeles Basin:  “Adults feed at night on the needles of coniferous trees.”

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