Can you identify this for me?
Please could you identify this grasshopper for me (JPEG attached). I photographed this in the Kruger, South Africa last November. Thanks

Hi Nigel,
This is a Gaudy Grasshopper in the family Pyrgomorphidae. According to a site we found online: “Pyrgomorphids are usually very colourful grasshoppers, the bright colours warning predators that they are poisonous (called aposematic colouration).” They are sometimes called Milkweed Grasshoppers. It will take someone more qualified than we to properly identify the exact species.

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  1. dominikhofer says:

    This is Dictyophorus spumans, Koppie Foam Grasshopper. Type with warning colors.
    see #7 and #8 in the link and note the author! Piotr Naskrecki, the Master of Hoppers.

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