Another Nursery Web Spider from Panama

Subject: Another long-legged flat spider from Darien
Location: Darien, Panama
April 13, 2017 3:37 pm
This spider was in the same vicinity as one I posted recently (2017/04/13/nursery-web-spider-panama-believe/ ). This one looks like it could be the same species but it has a tiny triangular abdomen.
Signature: Peter H

Nursery Web Spider

Hi again Peter,
This does look like the same species of spider to us, and the smaller abdomen might be due to this particular individual not having fed in some time.  Including the image of the Spider’s face is a big assistance in confirming that both this individual and the previous individual are indeed Nursery Web Spiders, and probably Fishing Spiders in the genus
Dolomedes, because the eye pattern on your Spider matches the genus pattern pictured on BugGuide.

Close-up of the face of a Nursery Web Spider showing Eye Pattern
Nursery Web Spider

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