Another Mystery Caterpillar

what’s this caterpillar?
Hi, I found this guy eating my petunias. I’ve never seen one quite like it so I refrained from smooshing it. I’m happy to share my plants if it is something cool. What is it? I live in Southern Oregon. The caterpillar is approximately 1 inch long. It is a rosy red with a light pink or white stripe along both sides. Thank you,

Sorry Rebecca,
We don’t know what your caterpillar is. We suspect it is a butterfly and not a moth. It is a beautiful color, almost camoflauged on the petunias. You can raise it and see what emerges.

3 thoughts on “Another Mystery Caterpillar”

  1. I just found the same caterpillar on my petunias this morning as well. Did you ever find out what it is? I have never seen this color before!

    • Do you have an image? Can you provide a location? We can continue to research this 14 year old posting if we have more evidence. If you have an image, you can send it to us by using the Ask WTB? link on our site. Please put “Caterpillar on Petunias” in the subject line.


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