Another Invasive, Immature Spotted Lanternfly in Pennsylvania

Subject: Unable to identify
Location: Berks County, PA
July 26, 2017 5:03 pm
This insect was found in my rasberry patch. Just curious if it’s a danger to them or to me. It just sat there as I dug through them.
Signature: CW

Spotted Lanternfly Nymph

Dear CW,
This is a recently arrived, Invasive Exotic species the immature Spotted Lanternfly or White Cicada.  According to BugGuide:  “native to China, India, Japan and Vietnam; invasive in Korea and in our area (PA; Berks Co. Sep 2014)” and  “
SIGHTING REPORTS WANTED: Experts are working to delimit the current population and find new infestations of this species. Please report sightings on the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture website.  earliest NA record: PA 2014. ”  This is a plant eating species that uses its piercing mouthparts to suck nutrients from host plants.

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