Another Crested Katydid from Australia: Superb Katydid, Alectoria superba

Superb Katydid, Alectoria superba
G’Day Bugman, I’ve been looking for a way to ID this grasshopper and came across your web page . Saw one that looks the same but there was no info. Lets try with a bit more info. Location : Kookynie, Western Australia. North Eastern Goldfields 29/03/2006 Occasional appearance usually in Feb March when more than average rainfall is expected. Do you know what it is ?
Kevin Pusey

Hi Kevin,
We spent several hours researching online when the other photos arrived several days ago. Because of the antennae, we have decided this creature is in the family Tettigoniidae, the Long-Horned Grasshoppers and Katydids. We are mystified that we could not identify this very distinct insect. Maybe your location information will help us find the answer. Perhaps what is necessary is a fieldguide to Australian insects. We have been toying with the idea of applying for grant money to embark on the What’s That Australian Bug? project, but that might just be an excuse to travel.

Update (03/29/2006) Moments later we got the following letter:
Hi Bugman, I noticed the picture of the ‘crested katydid’ you had been sent from Australia. I believe this is the Superb Katydid (Alectoria superba). Hope this is of help. Keep up the good work.
Aaron in London, UK

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