Annual Cicada

Subject: Beautiful
Location: New England
July 28, 2016 11:17 pm
Hello I lived at the same home in a city right outside of Boston MA, tonight I was sitting outside my home and was absolutely speechless, all of a sudden a big beautiful bug that looked half grasshopper half butterfly slowly creep his way on top my wooden porch, I lived here for 30 years, I am 36 and I never have seen this beautiful creature here before I would really love to know the name of this insect can u please help me thank you
Signature: Kristina

Annual Cicada
Annual Cicada

Dear Kristina,
This is an newly emerged Annual Cicada.  Many folks mistake them for giant flies and they are sometimes called Dog Day Harvest Flies since they appear during the hottest days of summer.  Though you might not ever have seen them before, you have probably heard the loud sounds made by Cicadas in the tops of trees.  They sound somewhat like chain saws.

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