what’s this butterfly called
Location: South western ontario near michigan border
September 11, 2011 7:07 am
I stumbled upon your site just yesterday and spent at least an hour and half browsing the archives. I really should have been cleaning but this was waaaaaaaaaaaay more interesting. Loved the site so now I am writing to learn about three of the specimens that I saw in my yard.
I had rescued two butterfly bushes from the bargain bin last fall at our local nursery. They were a mere five dollars each. This season they grew fabulously. Full and covered with dozens of blooms all summer. Due to these two bushes I have found a new hobby. Trying to capture (on camera) and identify the dozens of butterflies that have been gracing my yard with their presnece. The other day I took this picture on my i phone(not a great shot but will ahve to do). My co-worker informed me it was a fritillary. I looked it up on line and I think it is more likely a question mark butterfly. I did not photograph the underside of the wing but from the top, it looks very much like one and nothing like a fritillary. Perhaps you can clear this up.
Not sure if image two is a painted lady? Image three I think is a species of hummingbird moth.
Signature: Shelley

Questionmark or other Anglewing

Hi Shelley,
The butterfly in question is not a Fritillary.  Your belief that it is a Questionmark is a strong possibility, though we would not rule out that it might be another one of the Anglewings, including the Comma.  The butterfly you believe is a Painted Lady is the closely related Red Admiral.

Red Admiral


Location: Canada

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