Subject: bay leaf looking bug
Location: Portage, MI
October 16, 2012 12:00 pm
hello- we spotted this bug on our deck in mid-July in Portage,MI. It looks like 2 bay leaves stuck together. When it takes off to fly it almost looks like a fairy, flying in an upright position. We loved it and are interested in what it may be.
Thanks for your help.
Signature: Amy

Angle Winged Katydid

Hi Amy,
Initially we just fired back a quick identification for you since we had just posted another photo of an Angle Winged Katydid, but because that was a frontal view, and because your description was so thoughtful, we rescued your letter from the trash and decided to post your dorsal view as well.  The cooks among our readers will agree that the Angle Winged Katydid does look like two bay leaves stuck together.

Thanks so much.  We love bugs and have fun with them. Thanks for your quick response.  Amy

Location: Michigan

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