Andean Insect: Walkingstick

Andean insect with funny tail
March 23, 2010
Found this guy In the Ecuadorian Andes mountains around 12 or 13,000 feet. He seemed to be looking down into a hole in the moss and moved very little. No other bugs present that I could see. Saw one other walking but didn’t take a picture. It seems that the tail lays flat when they walk.
Cajas National Park, Cuenca, Ecuador


Hi Samuel,
We wish you had a photo from the front as well as the rear.  We don’t know for certain, but we believe this may be a Rove Beetle.  We hope to get some confirmation.

Update: January 4, 2011
An identification request that just arrived leads us to believe that this is more likely a Phasmid or Walkingstick than a Rove Beetle.

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