Scorpion like but it flies
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
September 6, 2011 7:56 pm
One on the wood for our fencing in my very own backyard – yuck – the other on the window of a fastfood restaurant in a complete opposite side of the city! People think I find all the creepy critters – I’m curious what it could be – at first I thought dragonfly nymph – but not even close!!
Signature: Thanks so much! Sherrill Jamnmom

American Pelecinid

Dear Sherrill Jamnmom,
The unforgettable American Pelecinid female uses her long, segmented abdomen to locate and parasitize the larval grubs of May Beetles.

American Pelecinid

Thank u Daniel! That was a quick response  and im pleased to know what she is!! I will do more research on  her too. You have me started! 🙂


Location: Canada

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