Crazy winged insect
Location: Central New York
August 18, 2011 2:18 pm
Please help me identify this bug. Thank you so much for your time. Your website is great. I love clicking around. Thanks again.
Signature: -p

American Pelecinid

Dear -p,
This is the first photo we have received of the distinctive American Pelecinid this year.  It is the only member of its family in the U.S..  She is equipped with a long jointed abdomen that can locate the grubs of June Beetles underground.  She lays an egg on each grub she locates and the larval wasp feeds parasitically on a living creature until it is dead.  The American Pelecinid larva then pupates among the remains of the grub in the underground chamber the Scarab grub has created for feeding on the roots of grasses. 

Location: New York

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  1. Michele L Heller says:

    I’m in Webb Lake, Wisconsin and have been seeing a lot of these this year.

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