American Lappet Moth Caterpillar

Mystery Caterpillar
Location: Central Texas (Ft Hood Area)
April 9, 2011 8:14 pm
I’m a field biologist working in central Texas and I stumble upon a lot of caterpillars during my work.
I found this particular one on a low growing oak species, possibly Shin Oak.
I was wondering if you might know what it is?
Signature: writerwren

American Lappet Moth Caterpillar

Dear writerwren,
We took a gamble and did a web search for “caterpillar red stripes” and we quickly identified your American Lappet Moth Caterpillar,
Phyllodesma americana, on BugGuide which states:  “Larva: body with blue, black/gray, white, and orange on the back, and densely hairy lobes (lappets) along sides; top of eighth abdominal segment with unpaired hump; when stretched out or alarmed, exposes bright orange band across top of second and third thoracic segments.”  Here is an image on BugGuide that shows the two red stripes.

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  1. I live in Waco (Hewitt) Texas. We found one of these in our backyard today. We have a huge live oak tree and some other stuff. I guess it eats oak tree leaves? It was hanging out in my kids’ red wagon. I put on the tree and said “good luck!” after taking pics of it. Definitely an American Lappet, no doubt.


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