Ambush Bug Nymph

Subject: Unknown bug in DC
Location: Washington, DC
March 8, 2014 8:54 am
Hi Bugman,
Can you help me with this bug? I found it last summer, in July, in my backyard, in NW DC. It was on my grill. It is really small and looks buggish but seems to have front legs that look like a mantis. Thank you so much for this site and your help.
Signature: Stephanie H.

Immature Ambush Bug
Immature Ambush Bug

Dear Stephanie,
This is an immature Ambush Bug, and it does use its raptorial front legs to capture prey much the same way that a Preying Mantis captures its prey.   Ambush Bugs were once classified in their own family, but new taxonomy has them identified as a subfamily of the Assassin Bugs.

Ambush Bugs
Ambush Bug Nymph


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