Ailanthus Webworm Moth

Bug dressed in 70s attire?
Location: Michigan
July 30, 2011 3:46 pm
Hiked the field with my son this morning in search of monarch eggs.. no luck. But did find this beautiful bug on the queens anne lace! His colors remind me of the mod clothes from the 70’s .. bold flowers that fit his environment! Question is? what is his name? Any help you can give is appreciated!
Signature: buggy in michigan

Ailanthus Webworm Moth

Dear buggy in michigan,
We keep hoping the Ailanthus Webworm Moth will eat all the Ailanthus trees, an invasive exotic species, but alas, the trees persist.

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  1. but he’s cooler than all of yours hahaha…..and yes, i am an adult and i say what i want. WHAT??!!??!! *bucks at audience”

  2. Krystal?! you think your moth is better then mine BROTHER!!! oh thats right its the same one lol Tangerine for life!!! shazam…


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