Kind of moth???
Location: Goshen Indiana
July 12, 2011 12:54 am
Dear Bugman,
I was outside with my dog and this big flew in my house. I thought the corporation was beautiful but have no idea what kind it is. It was attracted to our outside light here in Northern Indiana. It has Orange and white strips on its wings and body the underside of its wings are jet black. It has 6 black legs that have very tiny white and yellow spots. I couldn’t find anything on BugGuide but at the same time I can’t use that site well. If you have any info. please feel free to let me know thanks so much.
Signature: freaked by bugs

Ailanthus Webworm

Dear freaked by bugs,
You are correct.  The Ailanthus Webworm is a moth.  Populations of the Ailanthus Webworm appear to be benefitting because of its namesake, the introduced Ailanthus tree or Tree of Heaven, a noxious weed tree that spreads rapidly once it has been introduced to an area.

Thank you so much for identifying it for me. Now my 6 yr. old knows what to call it for show n tell (he will take a picture of course not the actual bug).
Tami Hager

Location: Indiana

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  1. FritzBarbara says:

    One was found in Eastern Central Pennsylvania in either Columbia or Sullivan County. We do have that darn Tree of Heaven invading our area.

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