Agave Billbug

ID please
What’s the name of this bug? Thanks for any info on it.. Regards,
Raul Roa
Staff Photographer, SGVN
W. Covina, CA.
LAT:33.99641 N – LON:118.05906 W – 365 ft. elevation

Hi Raul,
This is an Agave Billbug, Scyphophorus acupunctatus, a species of Weevil that feeds on Agave and Dracaena. It is also known as the Sisal Weevil and Agave Weevil. It is native to warm arid regions of the Americas where those plants are native, including Mexico, but the species has been introduced to many other parts of the world on ornamental plants. Crop losses in Mexico might result in soaring costs of Tequila, a product of blue Agave.

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  1. I live in southeastern Washington State. Many of my neighbors including myself have Kentucky Blue Grass and they have infested our lawns. They have devoured and killed large areas of our lawns before we knew it was a bug and not just drought conditions. We are told we cannot kill them but just hope to control their numbers. Plan is to thatch and reseed lawns when the heat of summer is over.


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