African Painted Bugs

Subject: Angry ladybug?
Location: Los Angeles, CA
April 13, 2013 11:12 pm
We found these last year on some flower plant. Later, we began finding them in the pool and all over the garden. We live near LAX, but out pool man said he has been seeing them all over L.A, (Malibu, Santa Monica, Culver City…)
I showed it to the local nursery, a garden club, and others, but no one could identify it. The nursery though maybe it was a harlequin, but it;’s not.
We call it the angry ladybug because we can’t find out what it is. We found this site because we were trying identify the bug on our jalapeno plant. That is the Keeled Treehopper.
Signature: Alli

African Painted Bugs
African Painted Bugs

Dear Alli,
In just a few short years, this recently introduced Invasive Exotic species, the African Painted Bug,
Bagrada hilaris, has established itself in much of Southern California.  We first reported them from our home garden in 2009 and we learned that it was first noticed in Orange County the year before.  Since you mentioned your jalapeno plant, we are guessing you are a home gardener.  The African Painted Bug feeds on plants in the cabbage family, including kale, collard green, mustard and broccoli.  In our opinion, they pose a serious threat to both commercial agriculture and the home gardener.  We have eliminated them from our home garden through the removal of all infested plants and we spray the young flightless nymphs with a hose.  We still see them on wild mustard in nearby Elyria Canyon Park and we realize that without diligence, we might suffer future infestations.

Thank you so much for answering so quickly. We looked at your link and noticed their spots looked orange, while ours were white. What do the nymphs look like so we can avoid them.
And thank you again!!!
Yes, we are home gardeners with a vegetable garden of about 25×50. We fist noticed them when the at off our sprouting brussel sprouts. From there, they moved to some wild flower/daisy which is the pic we sent. In case you are mapping them, we are in Culver City.
The keeled tree hopper is on the jalapenos.

Hi again Alli,
Here is a link to the African Painted Bug nymphs we have in our archive.

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