Subject: Curious Nephew
Location: Mar Vista, California 90066-2724
July 21, 2012 9:03 pm
My nephew and I were in my parent’s backyard (Mar Vista CA, 90066-2724, Friday July 20, 2012 at around 5pm) when this insect landed on him. His imagination was running wild as to what this bug is about and he asked me if I knew. Well, I’m hoping you can help me help him solve this mystery!
Signature: Anthony Magnone

African Painted Bug

Dear Anthony,
While it is quite pretty,
this African Painted Bug, Bagrada hilaris, is something of a problem.  It has recently been introduced to California and it was first noticed in 2008.   It is very prolific and it can cause problems in backyard gardens because it feeds on plants in the cabbage family.  It can survive in fields and open spaces because of the presence of wild mustard.  We do not know if it has become a pest in the commercial agricultural industry yet, though we can speculate that it has.

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Location: California

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