Adult Masked Hunter

beetle? in Minnesota…sorry
Dear Bugman,
These bugs seem to come out of nowhere. I’ve tried to i.d. them without adding to your long list of requests, but no luck. Thanks so much for this great website. It’s terrific.
Morgan in Minnesota

Hi Morgan,
This is not a beetle. It is an Assassin Bug known as the Masked Hunter, Reduvius personatus. The immature insects are sticky and attract lint, masking them from potential enemies. Masked Hunters are predators and one of their favorite foods are Bed Bugs, making Masked Hunters welcome additions in the home. According to BugGuide: “Adults can inflict a painful bite if mishandled. Individuals may occasionally enter homes in search of invertebrate prey but they have no interest in humans, do not feed on blood, and do not transmit any diseases.”

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