Adult Male Glowworm

Subject: whats this?
Location: middle georgia
July 31, 2012 12:38 pm
Hi, I recently found this bug in my home. I live in middle Georgia and found this bug last month (June 2012). At first I thought it was a spider because it looked as though it was slowly dropping from the ceiling like a spider. Then it started flying almost like it was trying to attack us. Usually we’re catch and release any animals but this one was relentless. It attacked the ruler we tried to use to scoop it up with…left small holes in it. I’ve looked everywhere trying to find out what it is so any information would be great. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen so far. Thanks again.
Have a great day
Tj Alligood
Signature: Tj Alligood


Hi Tj,
This fascinating creature is an adult male Glowworm Beetle.  The larval Glowworms, sometimes called Railroad Worms, are amazing creatures that are capable of bioluminescence.  Females are wingless and resemble the larvae.

Mystery solved…Thank you so much! Your site is great! Have a great day!

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