Acrobat Beetle in Griffith Park

Subject: Near Griffith Observatory
Location: Los Angeles
April 15, 2013 9:01 am
My son’s cub scout pack is interested in this beetle. Can you please identify? we found it on a path as we were hiking to Griffith Observatory in LA in 4-14-13. We were near Hollywood, CA.
Signature: Dan Y

Acrobat Beetle
Acrobat Beetle

Dear Dan Y,
This is a Desert Stink Beetle in the genus
Eleodes, and they are commonly called Acrobat Beetles since they point their bottoms up in the air when threatened.  We used to see them quite frequently while hiking near the Observatory, back in the 90’s when the editorial staff of What’s That Bug? worked as the photography staff in the dome under the solar telescope.

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