Kiwi-like bug
My name is Matthew Frias, I am a 16 year old high school senior. I would like to ask for your help with identifying a strange bug. Today, I came across a strange looking bug that had a striking resemblance to the kiwi bird (well, to me at least) I have never seen this bug before in my life. I found this bug sitting on my nightstand in my room. It walks very slowly and has the ability to fly. The long apendage coming from its head seem like it is used to feed on sugar food (flowers perhaps?) I tested this by giving it a bit of sugar-water. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous since i’ve picked it up before. Also, the apendage coming out of its head seems to have two antenae attatched to it. They come out a little less than half-way from the face. I have attached a sample picture of the bug. If you need more samples I have other pictures at different angles. Yet I feel this is one of the best angles I could get with my camera. Thank you very much.
Matthew Frias,
Alhambra CA

Hi Matthew,
This is an Acorn Weevil in the genus Curculio. The California Acorn Weevil is Curculio uniformis, but we cannot quickly locate an image nor the range. That species is still our best bet.

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