Acacia Longhorn from Australia

Subject: Arcacia Longicorn Beetle ?
Location: Whyalla ,South Australia
January 27, 2016 4:38 pm
Hi there, just thought you might like to see this bug I found. from what i can find its a arcacia longicorn beetle. Is this correct. I am currently living as care taker on a block of land on the edge of Whyalla South Australia. It is a prime reserve of thick Mallee scrub. We always get a huge variety of unusual animals and insects.
Signature: Darren Carn

Acacia Longhorn
Acacia Longhorn

Dear Darren,
We had a slow day today with not many submissions, so we went back a few weeks to some unanswered requests, and we are thrilled to find your Acacia Longhorn,
Penthea solida, submission.  We only have one image of this species in our archives and your image is of a much better quality.  There is a very nice image of the Acacia Longhorn posted on  There is not much information on this beautiful beetle online but there are some images on FlickRiver.

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