A Television Offer!!!

Favorite Bugs!
March 14, 2010
My name is Shanny. I’m the co-host of a monthly literary arts show in Chicago called The Encyclopedia Show. Each month, we choose a topic from an encycloedia and invite 10-12 writers/artists to perform. We assign them subtopics of the month’s theme and give them a month to make something up. It’s great!
Our April show is Insects. Do you have favorite insects? Any that are fascinating? Will you accidentally be in Chicago on Wednesday, April 21 and want to be in the show? ;c)

Dear Shanny,
Thanks so much for the intriguing offer, but alas, we are unable to get away from our teaching job to come to Chicago.  We would probably choose the Cicada Killer as the insect we would have profiled had we been able to participate.

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