A Herd of Rhinoceros Beetles!!!!

Budding entomogist with a question
Dear Bugman,
My 9 year old daughter, who happens to be a budding entomologist, discovered these dead beetles at her grandfathers house yesterday and she can not identify them. She searched all her bug books and could not find anything that looked like it. She has been collecting bugs for the past 3 years, and this is the first time she has been stumped!! If you could lend a hand, she would be very happy! P.S. She LOVES your website! I can see her being on here for a few hours each night!
Chris Lepley

Hi Chris,
Letters like yours are truly the reason we began this site. Your daughter has assembled quite a herd of Rhinoceros Beetles, Xyloryctes species. Males have the prominent horns. Here is a link to BugGuide, a truly magnificent identification site which just might double the time your daughter spends online. We also love your photo so much we printed it twice the size we normally post. By the way, we are probably going to produce a calendar for 2006 and would love to use your image and letter.

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