Stag Beetle from Korea

Subject:  A bronze lucanid species
Geographic location of the bug:  Seoul, Korea
Date: 11/25/2018
Time: 03:26 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I found this little bugger last month. Our security guard attempted to kill it, but I saved it just in time. I think it’s a Prismognathus dauricus because I saw a picture of that in my insect encyclopedia. Here is my picture with my Nippondorcus rubrofemoratus and another pic only showing himself. I heard that they only live for 1~2 months so I decided to keep it.
How you want your letter signed:  William Hong

Stag Beetle

Dear William,
Thanks for sending in your images of two species of Stag Beetles from Korea.  We located an image of
Prismognathus dauricus on Insect Collectors Shop and it does look similar as does the image on Projects Biodiversity.  Also, many thanks for your comments on images in our archives that we identified as probably being Scarab Beetle grubs that you believe are Stag Beetle grubs.

Two species of Stag Beetles

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  1. Thank you, Bugman for your reply back! I found one a week after I found that guy. It was an another male. This time, I let it go in someone’s oak tree “garden.”


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