Lorquin’s Blue

Subject: Lorquins Blue
Location: Algarve, Portugal
April 22, 2016 3:05 pm
Hi there
Last year I sent you a picture of a Large Blue. Having just got back from Portugal I thought you might like this photo of a Lorquins Blue, a tiny butterfly that has most of its range in North Africa but just reaches the far south of Portugal and Spain
Signature: Zoovolunteer

Lorquin's Blue
Lorquin’s Blue

Dear Alan,
Thanks so much for sending us your image.  First Nature has some very nice images of the Lorquin’s Blue,
Cupido lorquinii, and the site states:  “Lorquin’s Blue is essentially a butterfly of northern Africa, but its range extends across to the Algarve region of Portugal and into southern Spain. You can expect see these pretty little insects in the Algarve in May.”

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