Caterpillar found in Snow in Alaska

Subject: Alaska bug care
March 21, 2016 12:50 am
My family is a new fan of your website, team, and especially Mr. Marlos! After coming across a cocooned caterpillar question that was nearly identical to our experience (Kenai peninsula, AK) a 5 hour drive from Anchorage, AK where the similar story took place 2 years ago very near the same period of season the other discovery was made. I realized we have no understanding of how to care for this bug. I’m not convinced whether it made a cocoon in our Tupperware over night of if it simply has an interesting way of dying. However I, too, am not a fan of killing bugs. So I’m hoping you may have information on how to provide care for this bug until it either erupts from it’s possible cocooned state. Or shows an undeniable death. Please feel free to contact us in any way!! We absolutely adore what you are doing with this site!! Sincerely,
Sheeara & Marshall Woodward
(Mom & 8 year old Son)
Soldotna, Ak 99669
(Just in case you want to google map is and see where this little guy came from 😉 or.. hint hint hint… Allow us to be honored by purchasing a signed copy of The Curious World of Bugs.
Signature: Sheeara Woodward

Dear Sheeara & Marshall,
After conversing with you yesterday, we were compelled to go back through our old emails to search for your request.  As you noted, Alaskan submissions to our site are relatively uncommon.  We are happy to learn that you were eventually treated to the emergence of the adult “red moth” and since you have images, we would love to include them in our posting, and hopefully provide you with a species identification.  Please attach your images to this response.  We would be honored to sign a copy of The Curious World of Bugs if you send a copy our way.

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