Red Legged Ham Beetle

Subject: beetle in warehouse
Location: Huntington Beach CA
December 7, 2015 6:47 am
We are a non-profit pet food bank that has recently been infested with beetles. These black/ iridescent green beetle seem to get into the pet food. They crawl and fly. We would like to know what they are, and how to get them out into the outside. They are not grain beetles like we have seen before. Our food is too precious for the animal rescues to have to throw it away. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Signature: Renee, The Pet Food Bank

Pantry Pest
Red Legged Ham Beetle

Dear Renee,
There is not much detail in your submitted image, but we can tell you that there are numerous beetles in different families, including Dermestidae, Ptinidae, Tenebrionidae and Curculionidae that will infest stored foods.  See the Penn State University Department of Entomology site for some typical culprits.  We are not familiar with a black/iridescent green pantry pest, but with global travel and trade, many heretofore unknown creatures are establishing themselves in new locations.  Once the adult stages make themselves known, the best route to eliminating an infestation is to remove all stored pantry products that might be infested.  Eggs and larvae often go unnoticed, and it is not until the adults leave the food source that the infestation is discovered, and by that time it might be too late.

Update:  December 10, 2015
here is a better photo of the culprit. I appreciate the any info you have. They seem to like the pet food, cardboard, and wood pallets…guess they are not picky! We must be a buffet for them!
I did contact Penn state, they referred UC Davis, and they never responded. Then we contacted UC Riverside, and no response either.
Thanx for all your help.

Unknown Pantry Pest
Red Legged Ham Beetle

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