Giant Wood Moth from Australia

What’s This Moth?
Location:  Melbourne, Australia
January 26, 2015
Hi, this landed on my daughter in a nursery in Melbourne today. the lady in the shop said it has been hanging around. My friend thought it could be a Giant Wood Moth after googling and trying to match the pic and finding your page, but we weren’t sure, so I thought i’d ask.  This was the moth- it was at the nursery in Plenty in  Melbourne, they said it’s been hanging around and keeps coming inside. if you need to crop the pic and take my daughter out of the shot thats ok- it was just the shot of facebook with my daughter it had landed on.
thanks Donna

Giant Wood Moth
Giant Wood Moth

Hi Donna,
Thanks for resending the image.  We agree that this is a Giant Wood Moth,
Endoxyla cinereus.

Thanks. Now just wondering what its doing cin melbourne.

While Melbourne, Victoria is not included in the range map on Csiro, it is because no sightings have been reported or verified.  Perhaps the range is expanding south due to global warming.

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  1. I know this post is a few years old, but it certainly looks like the wood moth’s range is expanding successfully. I found a mating pair at Black Rock, Melbourne. I’ll attach a photo.

  2. I have been seeing these occasionally in Eltham Victoria since I was a child (45years). Not sure whether this is range expansion or just poor knowledge of what has always there (but always in very low numbers- rare to sight)


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