Katydid from Costa Rica

Subject: Orthoptera
Location: Arenal area, Costa Rica
February 16, 2014
And here are the orthoptera and weevil.  The grasshopper is from Hacienda Baru (central Pacific lowlands), and the others are also from Arenal.
Thanks again.


Hi Ben,
Thanks for your enthusiasm about the natural world.  Please use our standard submission form which can be accessed by clicking the Ask What’s That Bug? link on our homepage when sending in your identification requests.  Please confine each submission to a single species, but you may attach as many as three photographs of that single species.  Though we are a pop culture website and our staff does not have the scientific background that entomologists have, we try to follow taxonomic classification to the best of our ability.  Since there are images of a weevil and a grasshopper as well as this impressive female Katydid (a more specific classification than Orthopteran) in this particular request, we have selected the Katydid from this batch for posting.  Since you did not use our form, we needed to cobble information from your previous identification request of a Katydid to recreate the information that is automatically generated in our standard form.  It is unclear how many of these insects were found at the 600 meter elevation that was indicated in your original January 26 email.  It is unclear if they were all found in a women’s bathroom, which is also information from your original email.  We will contact Piotr Naskrecki to see if he is able to provide any information on this female Katydid with a sickle shaped ovipositor.  

Piotr Naskrecki Responds
Hi Daniel,
This is a yet undescribed species of Clepsydronotus sp. (Pseudophyllinae), which I will probably publish later this year (but have not decided on the name, yet).

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