Giant Water Bug Swarm

Giant Water Bug swarm
Hi, great site.
I was at work last evening and dozens upon dozens of these insects began to swarm outside my workplace, attracted to the lights I suppose. There is a lake not far from where I work, but it was such a surreal experience to see a relatively uncommon insect in the area come flying in in droves. I captured a few, along with a predacious water beetle which was also crawling about the lot. Just a strange experience, all in all to see so many crawling about in one place.
Timmins Ontario, Canada

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your first hand account which will serve as an explanation for the common name of Electric Light Bug for the Giant Water Bug, Lethocerus americanus. The other common name, Toe Biter, arises because of the occasional bite to swimmers, and not because the Giant Water Bug targets human toes. Though bites are occasional, they are reportedly painful, so the Giant Water Bug should be handled with care.

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