Subject: Snout Butterfly – Libytheana bachmanii
Location: North Central Florida
September 20, 2012 12:22 am
I was absolutely thrilled to find this butterfly in my yard today, I believe it to be a Snout Butterfly – Libytheana bachmanii. I am in North Central Florida and have a large number of wild Spanish Needles along my fenceline and saw him there so thought I’d share him with you guys.
Signature: Jenifer

American Snout

Hi Jenifer,
Your photographs of this American Snout are stunning.  We can well imagine that you also tried to get a view with the open wings and we know how difficult it can be to get butterflies to cooperate for photographs.  In preparing for this post by linking to BugGuide, we learned that the scientific binomial name has two synonyms, the one in your request as well as the more typically accepted
Libytheana carinenta.  We also learned on BugGuide that:  “Snouts are frequently placed in their own family, Libytheidae, as the larvae lack the spines and horns of most Nymphalidae and the pupae lack the dorsal bumps of most Nymphalinae.”

American Snout

Location: Florida

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