Two Banded Skipper

i don’t think you have one of these on your website
location:  Boulder, Colorado
May 13, 2012
hi there,
i have been so excited to be seeing these two banded checkered skippers this year. they are considered uncommon so it is even more fun to see them. i have seen 9 so far this spring here in the mountains west of boulder colorado. i started seeing them in mid april and still saw one flying on may 10th. i am seeing them on the old switzerland trail about a mile in from the peak to peak hwy. 6 miles north of nederland. i had to rescue one who was dehydrated. i put him on the damp gravel next to a small puddle and he got his drink and was fine. i am pretty certain of his id as i have gotten some nice photo’s of the ventral side as well as the dorsal. he has the redish color on the ventral that distinguishes him from the mountain checkered skipper. anyway i hope you can use this photo on your sight. i so love your website and appreciate what you are doing.
thanks so  much, venice kelly
oh i forgot to say how tiny these butterflies are. they are about 5/8 of an inch. so the photo is quite enlarged.

Two-Banded Checkered Skipper

Hi Venice,
Thanks so much for sending us your photo of a Two-Banded Checkered Skipper,
Pyrgus ruralis.  According to BugGuide:  “Inconspicuous, usually local and uncommon. Flies in the northwestern U.S. reaching to southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Flies in Canada reaching only in Alberta north to Nordegg, southern British Columbia north to Yoho National Park, and on southern and central Vancouver Island.”  If you can send us the photo of the underside, we will post it as well.

hi daniel
here is the ventral view of the two banded checkered skipper. such a pretty little thing.
so glad you can use the photo’s on your web site.
thanks so much, venice

Two Banded Skipper

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