32 Spotted Katydid from Australia

32 Spotted Katydid
Location: Quensland Australia
January 2, 2011 6:27 pm
Happy New Year guys.
It’s been wet, wet, wet, here in Queensland but finally a bit of sunshine today. This katydid (Ephippitytha trigintiduoguttata) is not usually seen in the adult phase as it prefers to feed on leaves at the top of gum trees but I was lucky to find this one on some regrowth close to the ground. Quite a looker, hope you like the shots.
Signature: aussietrev

32 Spotted Katydid

Happy New Year Trevor,
Thanks so much for sending us these wonderful photos of the magnificent 32 Spotted Katydid.  We will try to find a link to additional information tomorrow.

Update: January 3, 2011
The Insects of Brisbane website has a nice set of images of the 32 Spotted Katydid.

32 Spotted Katydid

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