32 Spotted Katydid from Australia

Grasshopper bug
Location: Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
March 12, 2011 7:26 am
Hi Team,
Found this bug on my door last night, it looks like a grasshopper or locust, but I have never seen one like it here ever.Its about 2-3 inches long with white stripes up its belly. Can you help?
Cheers Denis
Signature: Denis Fitzgerald

32 Spotted Katydid

Hi Denis,
We quickly identified your 32 Spotted Katydid,
Ephippitytha trigintiduoguttata, by searching the Insects of Brisbane website.  It is also known as a Mottled Katydid, and the etymologically incorrect Speckled Grasshopper.  Though Katydids and Grasshoppers are in the same insect order, Orthoptera, they are classified in different suborders.

32 Spotted Katydid

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your email and that you identified my grasshopper.
Seems its common up northern Australia. No wonder I have never seen this type so far south where I am, before.
Thanks again you guys do a GREAT job.
Cheers Denis

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