Big Black Crazy Shaped Moth??
November 10, 2009
This “moth”, has been residing in our home for several days. We couldn’t get a very good picture, but it almost has a spade shaped tail and body part. Have been looking up moth types but cannot find anything similar. Please let us know if you have any ideas, thanks! 🙂
(We put him back outside, by the way. No carnage here!)
Whitney & Brian
Central Florida

November 12, 2009
identification request
sent in three pictures of a bug a few days back, just wondering how long a request usually takes to be identified. Thanks again,
awaiting identification so we don’t kill them for no reason, as their pretty intimidating looking, and the cat is always trying to capture any renegade bugs in the house.

Mournful Sphinx

Mournful Sphinx

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your patience.  Though we are unable to respond to every question, when someone bothers to follow up on an original query, we try our best to answer the request.  This is a blurry image of a Mournful Sphinx, Enyo lugubris.  Bill Oehlke’s excellent website has numerous high quality images of the Mournful Sphinx.

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