Goldenrod Soldier Beetles Mating

Bug Love
August 31, 2009
I thought you might like a photo of some margined leatherwing beetles in the mating act.
near Omaha NE

Mating Goldenrod Soldier Beetles
Mating Goldenrod Soldier Beetles

Dear Doug,
Thanks for sending us your Bug Love image, but we don’t believe these are Margined Leatherwings.  That species, according to BugGuide, is “Very similar to C. pennsylvanicus, but pronotum has wide dark band, instead of an irregular dark spot. Elytra of C. marginatus often more extensively dark than pennsylvanicus. C. marginatus is also somewhat smaller and is active earlier in summer than C. pennsylvanicus.
In our opinion, your photo depicts mating Goldenrod Soldier Beetles or Pennsylvania Leatherwings, Chauliognathus pensylvanicus.  Compare your image to the images posted on BugGuide.

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