Subject:  Bee/moth???
Geographic location of the bug:  West Kootenay,B.C ,canada
Date: 08/23/2021
Time: 09:39 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Bugman, I found this fellow resting on my lilac bush. I posted a picture on facebook and a local farm page. They all say it looks like a hummingbird moth. I have seen a hummingbird moth and it didnt look like this. Your help is appreciated, thank you for your time.
How you want your letter signed: Brenda

Bumblebee Moth

Dear Brenda,
The folks who thought this was a Hummingbird Moth
Hemaris thysbe, recognized that this is a member of the same genus. Hemaris.  Your moth is Hemaris thetis.  According to Pacific Northwest Moths:  “Hemaris thetis is a medium-sized, day-flying sphinx moth (FW length 17 mm) with clear wings that resembles a bumblebee. The forewings are long and very narrow for the size of the moth and the hindwings are quite small” and “Adults fly during the day and are bumblebee mimics.  They nectar and hover in front of flowers while feeding, unlike bumblebees which land on the flower.”  There are many images on Butterflies and Moths of North America.  According to CalScape it is called a Bumblebee Moth.  As an aside, many diurnal Sphinx Moths are called Hummingbird Moths.

Bumblebee Moth

Daniel,  Thank you very much.


Location: West Kootenay, B.C., Canada

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