Subject:  Ichneumon
Geographic location of the bug:  Campbell, Ohio
Date: 08/02/2021
Time: 8:46 AM EDT
Gentle Readers,
Daniel has been taking many images of interesting creatures using his magicphone (his first cellular telephone ever which he has had for the past year) because the iPhone pro has a marvelous camera.  Last week one morning while enjoying coffee in the garden, Daniel spotted this parasitic wasp, presumably an Ichneumon, preening on the tip of a blade of grass, so he picked the blade of grass to get a better look.  He realized by the preening he observed that this was probably a newly emerged wasp that had not yet flown.  It seemed it was checking out its new sensory organs, the antennae, and Daniel observed for about a half an hour before it finally flew off.  Ichneumon Wasps and their relatives the Braconids and the Chalcids are all interesting parasitic wasps that often prey on a single species.



Location: Campbell, Ohio

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