Subject:  Very strange insect!
Geographic location of the bug:  Great Falls, VA
Date: 06/30/2021
Time: 11:34 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello!   You helped me identify a pseudoscorpion in Boston in the nineties!  Now I have seen the strangest bug ever in Virginia.  It was less than a centimeter, brown with white markings, slowly walking along.
How you want your letter signed:  Elise H

Lace Bug

Dear Elise,
We love hearing back from folks after years have passed, but we believe your timeline needs a bit of adjusting.  Though Daniel did begin What’s That Bug? in the late 90s, it was a column in a printed “zine” until American Homebody went online after about two years, and What’s That Bug? became a unique website in 2002.  We were unable to locate any ubmissions from Elise or from Boston in our Pseudoscorpions archives, but there were countless identifications we made that did not get posted live to our site.  Your current submission is a Lace Bug in the family Tingidae. According to BugGuide they:  “Feed mainly on leaves of trees and shrubs, causing yellow spotting and sometimes browning and death of the leaves.”

Wow, thank you!!   I will look it up and share the info with everyone.   Really appreciate it.  You’re awesome!  Happy 4th!

Location: Great Falls, Virginai

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